Glen & Tyler's Saratoga Trunk is now available!

The fifth book in Glen & Tyler’s adventures has finally released. Check it on Amazon.

Hopefully, I’ll be doing a virtual book tour for the book’s release, details to follow here.

The book is a slight departure from most of the guy’s adventures — more cozy mystery than spy thriller, though there’s a dash of that in there, too.

Cover Art Prints Now Available!

There's been some demand for prints based on the wonderful cover art of the Glen & Tyler books by Michael Broderick. And now those dreams have come true!

I've added a commerce page to the website and we've got prints available for all the books, even books that haven't actually come out yet (working on it!) and art that only appeared in very rare instances, such as the back cover art for the Paris Double-cross hardcover edition.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

You can see the prints by hovering over "Books" at the top of the page and selection "Covert Art Prints".

Cover art reveal for Glen & Tyler's Vegas Heist

Even though I don't even have book 5 out, I'm still getting ready for book 6, because that's how I contract for cover art: stupidly early.

As usual, Michael Broderick has created a visual feast and a perfect reflection of what the Vegas book is going to be about. And yes, that is Rebecca Sterling on the right.

Podcast Interview with the WROTE folks

I just did a podcast interview with the great folks at the WROTE podcast.

The WROTE podcast focuses on LGBTQ content creators (i.e. artists, writers, producers, etc.) and talk not only about the artist's work, but the changing face of LGBTQ representation in all walks of life.

Listen to it here:

The April Book Tour

The Big Blog Tour of April 2014

Note: this news item got popped up on the order of the list because I stupidly published this notice originally not as a post but as the header of the page in question. Which left it permanently at the top. Fixed!

So to promote the release of Glen & Tyler's Paris Double-cross, the audiobook version, I'm taking a little Blog Tour. It's like a book signing tour, only instead of traveling places, drinking stale coffee, and getting a hand cramp, I make guest posts on other writer's and reviewer's blogs. Isn't that exciting!?

I know, stop. Anyway, some places I'm doing articles about how to get your book made into an audiobook (topical!), and in other places I'm doing an interview conducted by the site runner.

Here are some of the places I'm making stops. I'll post more locations as they become live.