Cover Reveal: Glen & Tyler's Saratoga Trunk

So, as is usually the case with me, I have commissioned the cover of a book before it's even half written. It's actually worked pretty well for me so far...

Michael Broderick has outdone himself this time, creating a cover for me that perfectly embodies the feel I'm hoping to achieve in Book 5: the cozy mystery.

It's really perfect!

So, if you're wondering who is in all the family pictures, let's take it from the top left, and proceed clockwise. First up: Antoine and Lance. That's Antoine on the left, with the wonderful wavy hair. Antoine and Lance met up in Paris, and it shows. Next: Nanna, Tyler's grandmother. Scariest woman you're ever likely to meet, and swears like a sailor. The three people in the next picture are Tim, Rosa, and Kevin. Then we have Jenkins, Tyler's butler from the Island Estate, and Jenkins' husband Victor. In the very bottom-right, we have a horse -- who shall, for now, remain nameless. After that, it's Tyler's half-brother Jeremy, looking suave and arrogant -- two things he's very good at. Then it's James, Tyler's head of personal security, and Genevieve, a Navy captain who's dating James.

So that's it. Let me know what you think.